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Exon Skipping Additional Reading

If you're anything like me, you get all hot and bothered about eukaryotic initiation factors and you're just dying to read more about exon skipping. The rest of you need to get with the program. Here are some links for anyone interested in diving deeper into exon skipping.

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##Brief Synopses of Exon Skipping

[PPMD Exon Skipping Summary](

MDA Exon Skipping Summary - (dead link)


Prosensa Exon Skipping Summary - (dead link)

##Leiden University Research Portal

[Leiden University](

##Recent PlosONE Articles

[This is actually about exon exchange, which would be the next step after exon skipping becomes an accepted therapy](

[Variants Affecting Exon Skipping Contribute to Complex Traits](

[Targeted Skipping of Human Dystrophin Exons in Transgenic Mouse Model Systemically for Antisense Drug Development](

[Identification of Small Molecule and Genetic Modulators of AON-Induced Dystrophin Exon Skipping by High-Throughput Screening](

##Recent News and Developments

[Exon skipping to restore gene expression is promising therapeutic strategy for muscular dystrophy](

[This is probably one of the more important items to air recently: Dantrolene Improves Exon Skipping in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Models, Raising Hopes for Combination Therapy](

[Clinical Trial to Create an Exon Skipping Tissue Bank](

[Dual Myostatin and Dystrophin Exon Skipping by Morpholino Nucleic Acid Oligomers Conjugated to a Cell-penetrating Peptide Is a Promising Therapeutic Strategy for the Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy](